Remove Odour & Moisture Naturally with NaturzAire™

NaturzAire™ products are a safe, effective and environmentally friendly way to eliminate odour and absorb moisture. Free from chemicals, fragrances and CFC's, NaturzAire™ will attract and absorb any type of odour in the home or while you're on the go.


Granules come loose or in a pouch

Powerful and Safe For The Entire Family

With this innovative, fresh and natural approach, common household smells are safely absorbed leaving absolutely nothing behind. At NaturzAire™, we don’t smell anything and you shouldn’t have to either. Proudly made in Canada with care and attention to detail, everything we make is fully guaranteed.

How It Works

POSITIVELY charged odours are attracted by the NEGATIVELY charged granules where they get trapped (ionically) in the millions of cavities inside the granules.

Your pouch can be REUSED OVER and OVER AGAIN just by placing it in the sun for a day or by  putting it in a hot clothes dryer for 10 minutes.

The NaturzAire™ family of products contain a naturally occurring volcanic mineral. We do not add any chemicals or fragrances. The products are scent-free, effective and safe to use around children, pets, and persons with asthma or chemical sensitivities.


The NaturzAire™ product line is designed for you.

Whether you're in the home or if you spend your time on the road, NaturzAire™ will tackle daily household odours, pet mishaps, stinky hockey gear and any odours that the great outdoors may throw your way. Here's our complete line of products.

For the Home


Convenient and easy-to-use pouches for anywhere where odours are present or just to ensure a fresh, clean space. They are perfect for under the kitchen sink, waste bins, closets, cupboards, trunks, suitcases, or the front closet where shoes and boots are stored. One pouch will treat an area approximately 60 square feet.

For the Baby


Get rid of those nasty baby odours and unwanted moisture by using an environmentally friendly solution! Many air fresheners pump chemicals into the air that you breathe in to your lungs, and so does your baby. That's not how NaturzAire cleans the air around you. By using certified organic cotton that doesn't contain or use any human-made chemicals, CFCs or fragrances, NaturzAire products attract odours and unwanted moisture, retaining them in the fabric. You can then expel the unwanted odors by simply heating the NaturzAire cotton in the sun for a day. That's it!

For Carpet


These amazing odour-absorbing granules ionically eliminate smells that are deeply saturated in carpets, even from the carpet backing and the underlay. This product works while you sleep and is highly effective on pet accidents, spills, musty smells and all other odours. Works on upholstery too.

For Pets


The ultimate deodorizer for pets, eliminates odours. The mineral beads ensure very low dust and contains no clay. Safe for you and your pets, chemical and fragrance free.

For Kitty


The ultimate deodorizer for litterboxes and works with any type of litter! Just a palmful per week eliminates odours and extends the use of your litter saving you hundreds of dollars per year. The mineral beads are ouble sifted to ensure very low dust and contains no clay. Safe for you and your feline friend, chemical and fragrance free.

For the Fridge


Works way better than baking soda and lasts for years. This pouch attracts and traps odours in your fridge and absorbs moisture making your fridge run more efficiently by almost 10%. Based on energy savings, it’s a zero-cost product in 12-18 months and can be re-charged and reused over and over.    

For Produce


Our best value product, these small pouches keep fruits and vegetables fresher. The pouches absorb ethylene gas (the “one bad apple spoiled the lot” gas) that circulates in your fridge sending a signal to all your produce to ripen. An Australian study found over 90% of domestic fridges had ethylene levels that caused premature spoilage of fruits and vegetables. By lowering the amount of ethylene in your fridge your produce stays fresh, crisp and more nutritious. Based on tests and independent reviews the pouches extend the freshness of your produce by approximately 30%, and pay for themselves in just 4-6 months.

NaturzAire™ On-The-Go!

Mariners' Mate
For your Boating Needs.


Mariner's Mate Pouches can be used for closets, heads, storage lockers, bilge areas, cupboards, sleeping areas, tackle boxes, and bait and fish compartments. Mariner's Mate Odor and Moisture Absorbing Granules prevent moisture build-up that causes mildew and musty smells during off-season storage. 

With Exercising in Mind.


Get rid of odor in shoes, skates, cleats, hockey gloves and all kinds of sports gear. Sportmate can remove both the odor and moisture from all of your family's sports equipment. Use Sportmate pouches to remove odor and moisture, prevent fungus and other nasty growth. Reduces wear and tear on your gloves and shoes to extend the life of your equipment.

Take care of all you larger sports related odors with Sportmate Pro Pouches for use in sport bags, hockey bags, lockers, changing rooms or wherever sports equipment is stored.

Car & Truck Refresh
For all Automobile smells. 


Get rid of lingering odors in your car or truck leaving your vehicle fresh. Useful year-round to eliminate all tough odors like smoke, the smell of wet dog and nasty spills.

RV Refresh
For the long haul!


RV Refresh will eliminate all odors in your RV and prevent moisture build-up that causes mildew and musty smells during off-season storage.

Our Environment & NaturzAire™

Our mission is to make products which are highly effective, safe, reusable, environmentally sound and convenient for our customers.

  • Most of our products are re-usable and can be easily recharged
  • The fabric used is certified organic cotton, free of fire retardants and other chemical treatments
  • The paper used is 100% post-consumer waste, non-chlorine bleached and processed, in part, by wind power
  • The plastic clamshell is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again